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12 Inspiring Things to Do in Mérida

Follow the steps of one of our Travel Experts when you visit the “White City” of Yucatán. Take a ride in a horse and carriage, try a unique drink made with honey and find your perfect guayabera shirt.

Foto: México Desconocido
México Desconocido

México Desconocido

1. Take a walk down the Paseo Montejo, Mérida’s most majestic and longest avenue (at just over 5 km–3.1 miles). Admire the avenue’s mansions from the Colonial and Porfirio Díaz periods.

2. Drink a champola, a milkshake made with whole milk and ice-cream. Coconut, guanábana (soursop) and mamey are just some of our favorite flavors available from the Colón Sweetshop and Ice-cream Parlor (on Paseo Montejo), which was founded in 1907.

3. Ride in a calandria (a type of horse-drawn carriage which is typical to Mérida) around the main streets of the historic center. We recommend you chat to your carriage driver!

4. Eat a marquesita, a regional type of dough-stick. These can be served with cheese or peanut butter and are available in any of central Mérida’s plazas.

5. Spend a morning in the Palacio Cantón, a spectacular Neoclassical building, home to the Regional Museum which has a wonderful collection of Mayan artefacts.

6. In the center, take photos in front of the facade of the famous Casa de Montejo, which was commissioned by the conquistador Francisco de Montejo in the 16th century.

7. Visit the San Ildefonso Cathedral at night to see how beautifully it is illuminated.  

8. Dine on contemporary Yucatec food in the Kuuk restaurant, situated in an elegant mansion on the Paseo Montejo. You can compare their offering to the more traditional–and delicious–Yucatec food served at La Chaya Maya (downtown) or at Hacienda Teya (in Mérida’s suburbs, towards Cancún and only open at lunchtime).

9. Board the tour bus and stop at the modern Museo del Mundo Maya (Mayan World Museum). You can also visit it in the evening.

10. On the weekend, join one of the walking Tours of Legends which leave from Mérida’s central plaza. The tours are available in many languages.

11. Find your perfect guayabera (a traditional lightweight shirt). A good place to look is Guayaberas Manzur, which also sells guayaberas for boys and dresses for girls.

12. Try xtabentún, a famous Mayan drink made with honey from bees fed with xtabentún flowers, a species of morning glory. 

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