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3 Healthy Ways to Enjoy Valle de Bravo

From water-skiing to yoga, few places in Mexico have so many sporting options. What’s more, “Valle” offers everything from large hotel-spas to super chic eco-hostels in the middle of the forest.

Foto: México Desconocido
México Desconocido

México Desconocido

Here are three easy steps to enjoy this Magical Town.

1. Exercise in the Fresh Air

It might seem that this place–only a stone’s throw from Toluca and Mexico City–has a mission to put you in contact with the most primitive natural elements. The lake, Valle de Bravo’s focal point, is as immense as it is beautiful, often attracting the country’s best windsurfers. The air here is invigorating; it awakens your sense of adventure and invites you to paraglide or hand glide to see Valle de Bravo from above. The land is as pretty as the water, with mountainous landscapes that can be explored walking, running, or on a mountain bike. If you prefer road bikes, join a group to explore the state roads. (If you need company, or information about routes, consult

2. Release Your Spiritual Side

We also advise you to discover the spiritual side of Valle by visiting one of the two Buddhist Stupa monuments to meditate for a while and enjoy the surrounding nature. One can be found in Cerro Gordo and another in Acatitlán. Another option is the Maranathá house of prayer belonging to the Barefoot Carmelites. You will also find excellent spas in the Avándaro Golf Club and in El Santuario, home to Temazkali, a project focusing on healing using temazcales, a pre-Hispanic sauna (

3. Surround Yourself in Art and History

As well as the usual attractions of Mexican Magical Towns, the center of Valle de Bravo is also home to two interesting museums: the Archeology Museum and Casa Gironella. In the former you will find stone heads, figurines, necklaces of various materials, pottery and other pre-Hispanic tools found in the area. The latter, Casa Gironella, was the home of the Mexican painter Alberto Gironella. In each of his paintings, you will see his particular style which made use of empty tins of imported Spanish goods and bottle tops.


Try the freshly-made pastas in the Trattoria Toscana restaurant (115 San Vincente Street).


Valle de Bravo is a little over two hours away from Mexico City and one hour 15 minutes from the Toluca International Airport, along federal road 15. 


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