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Dive with Giant Mantas in Cabo Pulmo

This paradise zone of virgin reefs in the Sea of Cortez offers one of the most spectacular diving experiences in the American continent.

Foto: México Desconocido
México Desconocido

México Desconocido

Situated one hour from San José del Cabo, in Baja California Sur, this destination in the Sea of Cortez (also known as Gulf of California) stands out for its enormous quantity of marine species.

The town of Cabo Pulmo, with less than 200 inhabitants, doesn’t boast a lot of tourist infrastructure. However, this ensures the conservation of this paradisiacal place of contrasting reddened earth and turquoise blue water.  

Cabo Pulmo was declared a Protected Natural Area in the year 2000. It is the most northern reef of the Americas. The reef’s age is estimated at 25,000 years old and it is located just below the tropic of Cancer.

When to Go?

The best time of year for diving is from May to September, when there is greater visibility. You don’t have to be an expert to dive here as the waters are shallow.

An Explosion of Coral

In Cabo Pulmo, 11 species of hermatypic coral have been identified, of which the majority are types of the Pocillopora. As well as white fan-like coral, there are multi-colored sea sponges, green and white corals that resemble cauliflowers, as well as huge species of pink, brown and emerald green coral in the deeper waters.

From Huge Shoals of Fish to Whales!

As for animal life, over 200 species of fish have been spotted here, the most noticeable of which are huge shoals of horse mackerels, puffer fish and golden groupers. Mobula rays can be seen playfully jumping out of the water and swimming in enormous shoals. It’s also easy to see animals such as sea lions, dolphins, whales, tiger sharks, bull sharks, whale sharks, hammerheads and whitetip sharks. And don’t worry; since they have abundant food at hand, the sharks don’t behave aggressively towards divers.


Cabo Pulmo is one hour from San José del Cabo. Drive north along federal highway 1; then turn right in Las Cuevas and follow the coastal road (partly dirt road) that starts in La Ribera.

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