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5 Restaurants that Will Make You Love Mexican Food

Are you looking for a great place to enjoy the very best of Mexico’s gastronomy in the nation’s capital? Here are five options: two in the Historic Center, two in Polanco and one more in Coyoacán!


#ViajeraExpertaMD y Embajadora de México desconocido en la ciudad de Puebla.

5 Restaurants that Will Make You Love Mexican Food

2. Balcón del Zócalo. Mexican Character at Its Best.

Leaning out of the fascinating restaurant’s balcony, you will realize that Mexico City couldn’t possibly have a better view to offer you; the capital’s main square, the Zócalo, and its surroundings are right down below. The Chef Pepe Salinas and his team prepare their creations with meticulous care. Try the fillet of beef with traditional mole poblano (chocolate spiced savory sauce) served with roasted mushrooms and asparagus.

61 Cinco de Mayo, Historic Center.
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5 Restaurants that Will Make You Love Mexican Food

3. Dulce Patria. Seductive Flavors.

Wherever you look in this restaurant, situated in the colonia Polanco, you will stumble upon little pieces of Mexico: on the walls, in the restaurant’s abundant floral decorations, and above all, in the presentation of the dishes. The Chef, Martha Ortiz, has converted Dulce Patria into a showcase of Mexico’s convivial and colorful gastronomy, and never more so during the festive season! Visit the cocktail bar, a veritable library of Mexican liquors.

100 Anatole France, Polanco.
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5 Restaurants that Will Make You Love Mexican Food

4. Chapulín. Pre-Hispanic Inspiration.

Find this restaurant, which pays homage to Mexican identity, inside the Hotel Presidente Intercontinental in Polanco. For the decoration of the eatery, indigenous materials from Mexico’s own artisan communities have been used, one example of which is barro negro (black clay pottery) from Oaxaca. Among the delicacies on offer are seafood pozole (tomato based thick soup) and drinks made in national distilleries with Mexican passion.

218 Campos Elíseos, Polanco.
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5 Restaurants that Will Make You Love Mexican Food

5. Azul Histórico. Back to Mexico’s Roots.

Here the essence of Mexico can be discerned in the most unusual dishes, which Chef Ricardo Muñoz Zurita has come to know and studied during his travels across Mexico. Just as Ricardo before you, you will be faced with a great culinary discovery: that Mexican food has no limits! Some classics on offer are the tikin xic (oven baked sweet and sour fish), the enigmatic chichilo negro (a richly spiced chocolaty sauce) and duck breast with manchamanteles (a stew of meat, chili peppers, vegetables and fruits that never fails to get the tablecloth dirty… hence the name).

30 Isabel La Cátolica, Historic Center.





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