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Over 10,000 Steps! Querétaro by Foot

Baroque altar-pieces, boutique hotels, small spas and a rather exotic gastronomic offering which has won awards in recent years…walk through this Colonial city to discover all this and more.

México Desconocido

In this series of walks through Mexico, it will be easy to surpass the 10,000 daily steps recommended by experts to remain fit and healthy. Are you ready? We challenge you to follow this route and not to glance at your pedometer until the day has come to an end.

To Fill Yourself Up

We suggest starting the day with a delicious breakfast facing the Teatro de la República (at the corner of Juárez and Hidalgo), in one of the nearby restaurants, such as the classic La Mariposa (7 Ángela Peralta St.) or in the El Encuentro restaurant which serves Mexican and Basque food. (77 Juárez St.).

Three Wonders

Walk south along Juárez St. until you reach the Jardín Zenea. At the intersection of Madero St., turn right (west) and at the next intersection (Madero St. and Allende St.), you will find three wonders. First is the Fuente de Neptuno (Neptune’s Fountain), a work by the talented Maestro Francisco Tresguerras. Next, you will see the gorgeous Church of Santa Clara, as well as the Colonial mansion known as La Casa de la Marquesa (The Marquese’s House) which is now a hotel. Two blocks further to the west along Madero St., you will discover another marvel: the Church of Santa Rosa de Viterbo, which has the most amazing baroque altarpieces of the entire state.

Time to Eat Some Insects!

Re-trace your steps to the Jardín Zenea. Here, you will see the Church of San Francisco. The building which used to be the Church’s adjacent convent is today the Museo Regional de Querétaro (regional museum of Querétaro). By taking any of the side streets, you can walk to the Plaza Independencia. After all that walking, you will be hungry, so you’ll want to sit down to eat at one of the plaza’s restaurants. One good option is El Mesón de Chucho El Roto (Try a sope, a small, thick maize tortilla) topped with escamoles (ant larvae) or grasshoppers. Alternatively, try one of the eateries along the 5 de Mayo walkway.

We propose two ends to your trip: one is to walk east along 5 de Mayo St. until you reach the Doña Urraca hotel, where you can spoil yourself with a wind sphere massage. The other is to continue along 5 de Mayo St, then along Carranza St. and Independencia St. to visit the historic Franciscan missionary’s Convent of Santa Cruz. Behind the convent there is a bar called Pasión por los Vinos (Passion for Wines) where you can try any one of their 300 wines on offer with a panoramic view of Querétaro’s aqueduct.

Finally you can look at your pedometer! How many steps did you take?
Now you have to recharge your batteries: a city this rich in architecture and good taste can’t be seen in only one day. Our trip only included a few sites in the Historic Center. There’s still lots to do tomorrow!


Querétaro is 2 hours 20 minutes from Mexico City along highway 57D.


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