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Tequila Tasting in Guanajuato

Tequila in Guanajuato? Of course! Try Tequila on this four-stop-trip in towns which have dedicated themselves to the production of this world-famous drink in recent years.

Foto: México Desconocido
México Desconocido

México Desconocido

In the southwest of the state of Guanajuato you can find well respected tequila warehouses which make up the so-called Tequila Circuit and which are protected under the stamp of denomination of origin. Along this route, you can admire the awe-inspiring fields of blue agave and visit former plantations which keep the culture of the tequila-making settlements alive.


The trip begins in the community of Corralejo on the El Coyote ranch, an area overlooked by the Lagarto Dormido (Sleeping Lizard) mountain. Here, you can see the very earliest stages in the life of a good tequila! In the Corralejo Tequila factory–which is famous for its blue bottles–you will learn about the cultivation, harvest, roasting, milling, fermentation, maturing process and finally and most importantly, the tasting of the delicate spirit.

Crossing a landscape surrounded by hills, you will arrive in Pénjamo, a fruit-producing city. A little further along, you will find Cuerámaro, where the agave plants paint a landscape of ochre and bottle green.


The second stop on the Tequila Circuit is Magallanes, a village adorned with beautiful stone houses, where you will learn about the plantation, harvesting and production of the “Tres Joyas” liquor, which has been made in the same way for the last 200 years.

Real de Pénjamo

On the way to the Plazuelas archaeological zone you can find the Real de Pénjamo Tequila factory where tradition and modernity meet. Here, you will participate in the fascinating tequila-making process with the newest technology which gives the product an exquisite aroma and a delicate flavor.


The Tequila Circuit is one hour and a half away from León’s Del Bajío International Airport along federal highways 045 and 110; or two hours 15 minutes from Guadalajara driving on federal highways 90D, 15D and 90.

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