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Welcome to the Hotel California

Todos Santos, a town in Baja California Sur not far from Los Cabos, is not only the perfect location for surfers, but for art admirers too!

México Desconocido

The desert of Baja California Sur shelters a beautiful region of fruit trees and lush green fields. There you’ll find a small town where the meeting of different cultures is commonplace and there’s an abundance of artistic culture visible in numerous galleries and festivals. The town is also known for its bewitching streets and the swaying tide on the surrounding beaches facing the Pacific Ocean.  

A place for artists, surfers and foreigners, Todos Santos is 82 km (49.7 mi) away from La Paz and its streets are positively dripping with history, inviting you to explore the town block by block. Why not sketch some of the historic buildings as you inhale the invading scents of the kitchens of Todos Santos–which produce amazing flavors from desert delicacies? So much motivates foreigners to travel to the town, which is also a fantastic surfing location.

An Ancient Mission

The town was founded in 1733 with the establishment of the mission of Santa Rosa de Todos Santos. One of Todos Santos’ greatest urban legends is that of the Hotel California, supposedly the inspiration for the song of the same name by the band Eagles. You can still spend the night there, as it is a nice boutique hotel.

In the Emporio store of the Hotel California, you can purchase everything from Persian rugs to shirts from the hotel. There are also books, art photographs, vintage clothes, jewelry with precious stones, Mexican jumping beans and handicrafts from various countries, including items from Africa, India and Asia.

To Fill Up Your Suitcase

In the galleries of Todos Santos, you can find works of art by famous artists to suit all tastes. In some of these galleries, there are handicrafts from different parts of Mexico, with many from the state of Guerrero.

To buy sculptures, visit Maestro Benito Ortega on 26, Centenario St. Here you will find original creations inspired by the sea and the concept of freedom. Don’t forget to pass by the Galería de Gabo or the gallery of the artist Nanette Hayles.


Todos Santos is midway between Los Cabos and La Paz (around 1 hour away from San Lucas or La Paz) along highway 1. 


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