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Jimena Acevedo

Mole de cadera
Prueba el mole de caderas en Puebla y la CDMX, ¡ya empezó la temporada!

Mucho menos conocido que el chile en nogada, pero igual de apreciado entre los conocedores, el mole de caderas o huaxmole es uno de los platillos más especiales de la gastronomía poblana y oaxaqueña (¡y el más caro también!). Descubre por qué.

Chichen Itza: The Mystery of the Serpent

Upon entering the city, the Gran Explanada greets us, setting to some of the most emblematic constructions including the Pirámide de Kukulcán, a colossal monument–selected as one of the Seven Wonders of the World in 2007–with a quadrangular base, stairways on all sides and a rectangular temple at the summit. The city makes an impression, proven by its assignation as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988.

A Route Through the Yucatán Cenotes

The Península de Yucatán contains more than 2,000 cenotes (a water hole unique to the region) of unbeatable beauty. Explore these incredible natural formations and discover, at the bottom of their waters, the hidden secrets of the ancient Mayans.

A Gourmet Experience in San Miguel de Allende

The novel Mercado Centro San Miguel de Allende follows trends set by the world’s biggest cities and captures all of the town’s local flavors under one roof.

Discover Los Cabos

Our trip starts at Km 11 of the Transpeninsular Highway, where you can enjoy stunning Mexican beaches of fine sand and transparent waters.

The 4 Most Interesting Museums in Mexico City

The history of Mexican museums commenced after the unexpected finding of the Coatlicue and Piedra del Sol monoliths in 1790. They were handed to the then Viceroy, Conde de Revillagigedo the 2nd, to be conserved rather than being destroyed–an act that, two centuries earlier, would have been deemed heresy.

Explore the Kingdom of Monte Albán in Mexico

This archeological site close to the city of Oaxaca was the most important pre-Colombian capital in the area. Come and discover it with us!

8 Original Things to do in Mexico City

If you have already taken a trajinera ride in Xochimilco, seen the Palacio Nacional’s murals and marveled at the museums, it’s time to discover these less well-known but super fun spots!

30 Fun Things to do in Puebla

One of our experts wrote a guide to the best places in Puebla, a city declared a world heritage site by unesco in 1987.

How to get to the Island of Holbox

An Island You Must Visit… at Least Once in a Lifetime

Sian Ka’an: The Entrance to Heaven

A paradise of over 1,613,500 acres (653,000 hectares) in which the pristine natural life of the Riviera Maya is preserved.

20 Things to Do in Tepotzotlan

As well as the most valuable collection of Colonial-era art in all of Latin America, this Magical Town close to Mexico City has amazing stuffed chili peppers, as well as a breathtaking aqueduct which you can walk across.

Falling in Love in Isla de la Pasión

This stunning corner of the Mexican Caribbean embodies ancient Mayan love legends, inviting couples to escape (or even get married!) in front of the deep blue turquoise of the sea.

Four Places for Meditation in Mexico City

Who wouldn’t like to find peace, introspection and tranquility in the very heart of Mexico’s capital city? Here are four spaces to leave stress behind and feel brand new in CDMX!

3 cascadas inexploradas en Chiapas

En Chiapas aún quedan cascadas inexploradas, te compartimos tres que descubrimos en el cauce del río San Vicente, cerca de Tzimol.

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